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Whether you have deployed Redbox Platform or not, our consulting services can help you derive the most value from your retail systems investment. Consisting of security professionals, payment systems experts, retail IT professionals and project managers, we provide critical skills to help you meet increasingly complex and rapidly changing retail systems needs. Our consulting services are organized around critical practice areas including:

Security and Compliance [icon]Security & Compliance

For nearly 10 years, Reliant has helped merchants develop comprehensive data security programs that comply with PCI DSS requirements. Our approach to PCI DSS compliance is focused on achieving reliable, scalable and cost-effective solutions to secure payment card transactions and meet challenging PCI DSS compliance requirements.

  Download our Consulting Services: Security & Compliance Literature (PDF)  



Advanced Payment Systems [icon]Advanced Payment Systems

Payment processing is one of the most critical steps in the customer engagement process. Reliant can help navigate a business-driven path for the selection and integration of payment functionality. Our services include designing and selecting systems that ensure high reliability, low transaction processing costs and compliance with PCI DSS.

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converged infra_iconRetail Systems Convergence

Virtualization is transforming Retail’s approach to store systems with wide-ranging benefits, including dramatically reduced time to service, cost efficiency, centralized management and store analytics. Reliant’s approach to Retail Systems Convergence is to first determine the business opportunities to be realized through the technology and to then provide designs that consider not only functional needs, but also retail security and analytics.

Download our Consulting Services: Retail Systems Convergence Literature (PDF)


PCI Requirements

See how our Redbox Platform comprehensively satisfies the 12 PCI Requirements.

12 PCI Requirements



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