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Harnessing Machine Data to
Drive Operational Intelligence

At the core of Reliant’s mission is ensuring our customers remain PCI compliant and, while we can utilize any log management tool our customers choose to use, we’ve found that Splunk provides unparalleled features, flexibility and control in its configuration. With log management as a PCI requirement, Reliant identified Splunk as the most effective solution for log management of all systems, devices and appliances that store, process and transmit card data.

Beyond Compliance

Technology is a key source of competitive advantage in business. A retailer’s well-structured IT infrastructure can provide massive amounts of data regarding customer behavior and interaction. As longtime strategic partners, Reliant and Splunk combine their expertise to provide accurate, actionable insight into the vast layers of this “big data”, extending that advantage dramatically.

Sources of machine data can offer unique, actionable perspective on strategic choices that include online and mobile stores, point of sale, payment devices, applications and networks and servers.

Reliant & Splunk

A better, stronger, faster and less expensive way to:
– manage and analyze enormous amounts of machine data;
– troubleshoot problems and security incidents in minutes – not hours or days; and
– monitor end-to-end infrastructure and avoid service degradation or outages.

Extended Functionality

While at its core Reliant uses Splunk for PCI-compliant log management, its extensive functionality can also be used to:

  • gain real-time visibility and customer experience insight.
  • analyze customer behavior.
  • get more value out of your data.

Real-time visibility into this data can help retailers improve customer experience,  efficiently process orders, enhance security posture and even potentially address loss prevention more effectively.

Reliant brings a deep level of understanding of the retail business and retail technology to use with Splunk Enterprise.  Our solutions are designed to address specific customer needs are are never one-size-fits-all. Targeted application dashboards lend comprehensive security management capabilities specific to PCI compliance for retailers, restaurants and hospitality merchants.

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