Redbox Platform

Streamline and Optimize your Technology Infrastructure

Retailing now has a new approach to cost-effectively and securely manage the next generation of in-store applications enabled by the cloud, wifi and ubiquitous connectivity.

Through its patented Redbox Platform, the in-store private cloud for convenience, retail and restaurant store chains, Reliant provides a comprehensive data security suite (PCI), powerful network infrastructure and an open platform to host a variety of in-store retail applications.

Redbox Platform cost-effectively delivers VoIP, Digital Signage, Interactive Kiosk, DVR, Guest Wifi, Payment Applications, Music and more from one centrally managed, locally hosted appliance.

Redbox Platform configurations and software updates are managed centrally from the corporate office through Redbox Platform Manager.

PCI Requirements

See how our Redbox Platform comprehensively satisfies the 12 PCI Requirements.

12 PCI Requirements


How To Build Your In-Store Private Cloud

How To Build Your In-Store Private Cloud

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