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Value-Added Application Hosting

Redbox Platform’s virtualized, open architecture provides an in-store private cloud that can host an array of applications without the need for additional hardware. The more applications you host on Redbox Platform, the more value you extend to your customers and operational staff. The end-result: Redbox Platform offers an impressive return on investment.


Redbox Platform Applications include:


Hosted Payment Applications [icon]

Hosted Payment Applications

Runs locally hosted PCI- and EMV-compliant payment applications, taking POS out of scope and integrating mPOS.

Mobile POS [icon]

Mobile POS

Integrates mPOS with locally integrated payment and back-end systems.

Digital Video Recorder [icon]

Digital Video Recorder

Eliminates the high cost of DVR hardware and reduces licensing requirements for in-store surveillance.

Digital Signage [igon]

Digital Signage

Offers 100% customizable digital content, including HD video for powerful sales- and customer-focused messaging, with integration to existing store-level and external display systems — all with central content control and management.

Interactive Kiosk [icon]

Interactive Kiosk

Versatile interactive touchscreens deploy simply into existing network infrastructure using power over Ethernet and Wi-Fi configurations and support VoIP and full price-check capability.

IP Telephony [icon]

IP Telephony

Offers full VoIP support, on-hold music, full ACD, IVR, 3 & 4 digit store dialing, voicemail as email, call routing to corporate office and analog line failover when the IP network is not available.

Public/Private/Guest Wi-Fi [icon]

Public/Private/Guest Wi-Fi

Provides a complete multi-location enterprise grade wireless solution at a price point that is a fraction of complex commercial alternatives.

Redbox Music Player [icon]

Redbox Music Player

Eliminates the cost of physical hardware for a single-point music appliance and reduces high licensing fees.


How To Build Your In-Store Private Cloud

How To Build Your In-Store Private Cloud

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