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Locally Hosted, Centrally Managed, Audit Ready

As stores become more cluttered with technology, these distributed systems are increasingly difficult to deploy and manage.Redbox Platform: Manage [icon] Redbox Platform addresses this issue twofold: (1) it offers a one-device solution to host these applications, thereby simplifying store architecture and reducing costs, and (2) it includes a centralized console that enables plug and play deployment, device monitoring and configuration management.

Configurations can be modified on an enterprise, group or individual basis. The Redbox Platform Management framework allows Redbox appliances to be dynamically built from a single generic image with store-specific requirements. This includes dynamically generating the configuration of the local area network, virtual machines, security controls and store apps. All configuration and software package data is securely and centrally maintained. This framework allows merchants to maintain software versions, control system changes and apply patches and updates.

The architecture supports simple and cost-effective deployment. To deploy or replace the Redbox Platform, just plug it in at the store, and it configures itself dynamically. This intelligent configuration provides a much simpler deployment experience over traditional data security implementations.

Redbox Platform is designed to provide retail IT managers and compliance auditors with a centralized view into performance against operating and PCI compliance requirements. It securely automates and manages many compliance-related tasks and data security events, automatically polling stores for security event logs and creating alerts where further investigation is required. Logs, file integrity, system status, access controls, local vulnerability scanning and Redbox Platform configurations can be viewed, accessed and managed from corporate headquarters.

How To Build Your In-Store Private Cloud

How To Build Your In-Store Private Cloud

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